Guardian ad Litems are appointed by the Court to represent the best interests of the child in court proceedings. Our duty as a Guardian ad Litem is to investigate and make recommendations about what is in the best interest of the child.

While mediation is not always required, it is frequently utilized to assist parties in coming to an agreement without any more intervention from the courts than is strictly necessary. Frequently, parties find it preferable to have control over the outcome in their case rather than leaving the decision to a judge who will have much more limited knowledge of the situation.

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Adoption is a complex area of the law involving parental rights and the interests of children. At Swenson & Associates we work with both birth and adoptive parents in protecting their interests.

Child Custody

Disputes involving child custody or visitation are inevitably stressful and emotional. Each situation involves a variety of legal issues and at Swenson & Associates it is our goal to provide clients with fair and equitable results in these matters while still ensuring that those results are in the best interests of any children.


You may find yourself in the position of having loaned someone money that they refuse to pay back or you having paid someone for something that they refuse to give you. At Swenson & Associates we will work with you to determine the best way to protect your interests and receive compensation or items that you are owed.

Florida Law

Attorney Angela Brown Swenson is licensed to practice law in Florida and has years of experience with Florida law governing divorce, child support and custody matters, guardianships, and wills and trusts.


Whether an elderly family member is no longer able to care for his or her own best interests or you have a disabled child who is about to turn 18, you may find yourself needing to seek a guardianship to care for a loved one. At Swenson & Associates we understand the seriousness of the decision to seek a guardianship and have assisted families in these situations as well as extended family members who are asked to care for nieces, nephews, or grandchildren.


It is in a child's best interests to have paternity established to ensure consistency in custody and visitation as well as regular support. At Swenson & Associates we assist parents in caring for the best interests of their children while also working toward a fair result for themselves.

Power of Attorney

When a loved one can no longer make his or her own financial and medical decisions a power of attorney may be necessary in order to protect their interests. At Swenson & Associates we will work with you to obtain the necessary documents to help those in need of assistance with medical and financial matters.

Traffic Violations

Even the smallest traffic violations can add up to big trouble resulting in a suspended driver's license or potentially time in jail. Not having a driver's license may prevent you from being able to get to work or see loved ones, and at Swenson & Associates we will work to protect your license or get it reinstated so that you can continue on with you job and your life.


If you believe the Court made a mistake in your family law case you have the right to appeal the Court’s decision. There are deadlines involved with filing an Appeal. Contact us immediately to ensure you do not miss a deadline.

Child Support

In today's volatile economy, parents may find themselves in a vastly different financial situation with little or no warning. Changes in income, child care, or insurance coverage may indicate that a current child support arrangement is no longer a reflection of a parent's ability to provide for a child. At Swenson & Associates we will evaluate your current situation and represent you in either establishing child support or modifying a child support order to reflect changed circumstances.


The decision to seek a divorce from your spouse is difficult and stressful. On top of the emotional issues inherent in divorce, there are also many legal issues to address. With Swenson & Associates to work with you and advise you on the legal issues, you will have someone working tirelessly on your side as you proceed through your divorce.

Grandparent Visitation

Grandparents may or may not have rights regarding visitation with their grandchildren. At Swenson & Associates we will determine what rights grandparents may have and work with you to defend your interests and the best interests of any children.

Protective Orders

Indiana law allows victims of domestic violence, sexual violence, and stalking to seek protective orders against their abusers. At Swenson & Associates we work with victims to protect them and their rights from those who would harm them.


Regardless of whether you quit or were fired from your job, you may be eligible for unemployment benefits. Your former employer does not determine your eligibility – only the Indiana Department of Workforce Development can do that. Swenson & Associates is the only law firm in the state that has two former unemployment Administrative Law Judges who between them adjudicated thousands of unemployment insurance matters. The attorneys at Swenson & Associates can assist you at any level in the process of obtaining unemployment benefits and can represent you at appeals before an Administrative Law Judge, the Review Board, or the Indiana Court of Appeals.

Wage Claims

Employers frequently deny employees wages. Typically this happens when an employee is fired and an employer refuses to give that employee his or her last paycheck or refuses to pay out for accrued vacation or sick time, but it can also happen to those who are still employed. At Swenson & Associates we will work with you to protect your rights and help you obtain both compensation and any damages to which you may be entitled.

Any information above is intended to inform you, not advise you about your specific situation.

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